Complete Information About Vernix Caseosa

The joy and excitement of the arrival of your newborn baby is such that it is very difficult to put these feelings into words. No matter how tired and stressed you may be from the process of childbirth, the moment you hold your baby in your arms is the most special moment. After all, you’ve waited nine months for this moment and imagined it over and over again. When you hold your baby for the first time, your newborn is covered in a white substance, however, this was never in your imagination, so you may wonder what is this white substance. In this article, we will know what is this sticky coating i.e. vernix caseosa and how do you have to deal with it.

Let us first know how this substance is made.

What happens with vernix caseosa? – What is the use of Vernix Caseosa?

Basically, vernix caseosa is a protective layer on your baby’s skin. It appears as a white-colored substance. This coating develops on the baby’s skin in the womb itself. Remnants of this substance may appear on the skin after birth. Now you might be wondering what is the function of this coating.

To understand the role of vernix caseosa, first think about what happens to your skin when you stay in water for too long. After swimming or bathing, it doesn’t take long for your fingers and skin to get wrinkled. Fluids (amniotic foods) have the same effect on babies. Your baby lives in amniotic fluid for up to 40 weeks, so it’s this coating that protects an unborn baby’s skin from fluid loss. Without this protection, the baby’s skin in the womb can be severely damaged.

As the delivery date approaches, the vernix caseosa on the baby’s skin increases, hence less vernix caseosa is found on the skin of a premature baby. Babies who are born full-term may have more amount of vernix caseosa on their skin.

What are the benefits of Vernix Caseosa?

You will be surprised to know that the benefits of vernix caseosa are not limited to pregnancy only, but this white coating also gives many benefits to your baby during and after delivery. It is good for it to remain on your baby’s skin for a long time after birth. Come, let us know about its benefits –

  • Vernix caseosa is antimicrobial

The immune system of newborn babies is very weak, so they can fall ill quickly. Breastfeeding your baby immediately after birth boosts his immune system, and the vernix caseosa also protects the baby from disease. The coating of vernix caseosa has antioxidant, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the baby from diseases.

  • Vernix caseosa is a lubricant

The vernix caseosa not only protects the womb from fluids but also allows the baby to pass through the birth canal. Because this substance is smooth, it helps the baby to slip out.

  • regulates temperature

During pregnancy, your body plays an important role in keeping your baby’s body temperature normal. It takes time for the baby to balance its body temperature immediately after birth. after birth If vernix caseosa is left on the baby’s body for a long time, their body temperature remains stable naturally.

  • Vernix caseosa moisturizes the skin

vernix caseosa It is also useful in keeping the skin soft and supple at the time of birth and after delivery. This cheese-like white substance is a natural moisturizer for babies, which can protect their skin from dryness.

When to Wash Vernix Caseosa

once you vernix caseosa If you understand all the benefits, you can take more health benefits from it. To get the most benefits from vernix caseosa, you should not bathe your baby immediately after birth. Bathing your baby can take anywhere from 2 days to a week, depending on you. If your baby is not stained with meconium in his or her first stool, there is no harm in delaying his or her first bath. An unborn baby’s stool remains in the intestines during pregnancy. But sometimes, stool leaks into the amniotic fluid during delivery. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to bathe the child immediately after birth because if the child swallows this feces, he may have respiratory problems.

So in this article, you learned how vernix caseosa can prove helpful in keeping the child healthy, hope you liked the information. vernix caseosa To get the most benefits, talk to the nurse and tell her that you do not want to bathe your baby after birth. In such a situation, the hospital staff will hand over the child to you after a general examination. You should take decisions regarding your child’s health without hesitation, so share such things with the doctor.

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