Blog Is An Online Media That Can Help Marketing Strategy, Here’s How!

Blogs are a multi-functional online media platform that has grown in popularity in recent years. Based on a survey released on the optinmonster website , as many as 77% of internet users today are happy to read blogs.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if in 2020 there were 600 million active blogs from all over the world, this statement is in line with data released by the official growthbadger website .

So, are you interested in starting a blog? Before creating a blog, it’s a good idea to first understand the meaning of a blog, its functions, and types in the article below.


1 Definition of a blog is

2 Then, what is the difference between a blog and a website?

2.1 1. Website
2.2 2. Blog

3 Types of Blogs that are Easy to Find

3.1 1. Personal/Personal Blog
3.2 2. Professional Blog
3.3 3. Business or Company Blog (Content Marketing)

3 Benefits of Blogs for Business Development

4.1 1. Increase Website Traffic
4.2 2. Attracting New Customers
4.3 3. Increase the Number of Leads

Definition of a blog is

So, a blog is a website created in the form of online media and contains articles, videos, and photos that are managed by a blogger or several writers at the same time.

The topics discussed in it generally only focus on a particular field, such as lifestyle, finance, health, technology, and others.

Apart from being managed by individuals or bloggers, nowadays blogs are also widely used by companies. Why? Because there are so many functions and benefits of blogs that can provide benefits for companies.

Some examples of its benefits are as publications, promoting products, to branding . Therefore, based on the Hubspot page , as many as 55% of marketers in the world prioritize blogging in their marketing strategy .

Then, what is the difference between a blog and a website?

Some of you must be confused and question the difference between a website and a blog. Well, the difference between a website and a blog is as follows:

1. Website

Website is a combination of online pages that we can access using the internet via a special domain address. Generally, the website consists of information related to a service or company product.

Well, because most of the content is information from a service or product, generally websites are more static. That means, in terms of design and the content in it, it doesn’t get updated too often.

In addition, in terms of ownership, websites are generally used for the needs of an institution, school, organization, online store, company, and others.

2. Blogs

Blog is one type of website which contains articles in the form of experience, information, knowledge or opinions from the blog owner himself.

Generally, blogs are more dynamic in that the content in them must be added and updated regularly. That is, blog content is the life that can determine the level of success of the blog owner.

Meanwhile, in terms of ownership, blogs are more often owned by individuals or individuals. However, many businesses today also have blogs for their marketing strategy needs.

3 Types of Blogs that are Easy to Find

As we mentioned earlier, blogs are not only used for personal purposes. Well, there are 3 types of blogs that are very easy for us to find. The three types of blogs are as follows:

1. Personal Blog

The first type of blog is a personal blog or personal blog. At the beginning of its existence, blogs were widely used for personal purposes. So, blogs are used as online daily journals that are useful for recording one’s personal experiences.

Personal blog writing is also free from certain rules. Each writer can determine what content they want to write, such as vacation experiences, romance, food recipes, and others.

But even though it’s personal, there are lots of people who get success from working on this type of blog. A simple example is Trinity Traveler.

This personal blog owned by Trinity is filled with various experiences of his travels on vacation around the world. Because of this unique story, this blog has also been successfully turned into a very entertaining book and film.

2. Professional Blog 

Professional blog or professional blog is a blog that only has one particular topic. The various contents in it are also specially created to show the professional side of the blog owner himself.

For example, let’s say you are an expert in SEO and digital marketing. Well, you can create a blog that contains a variety of content that matches your expertise. That way, you will be recognized as an expert in your field.

3. Business or Company Blog ( Content Marketing )

Along with the development of time, there are now many companies that use blogs for special purposes. Examples include the need to gather visitors, get lots of visitors, and promote products.

3 Benefits of Blogs for Business Development 

1. Increase Website Traffic

The first benefit that businesses will feel from having a blog is increasing website traffic . Every businessman wants his website to have a lot of visitors.

However, getting high traffic nowadays is very difficult. However, this can be helped by using a blog.

As already explained on the HubSpot page , when you create content for your blog, you have a great opportunity to appear in search engines and get lots of visitors in an organic way.

However, having a blog with a lot of visitors is also not easy. Why? Because you have to create content that is educative, interesting, and must comply with SEO regulations.

In addition, you also have to update your social media more often so that your website gets a lot of visitors. The more people who share your content links on social media, the more opportunities you will have to get blog visitors.

2. Attract New Customers

We know that attracting a lot of new customers is not easy. However, you can use a blog as one of the right content marketing strategies.

Sourced from the Search Engine Journal page , blogs are informative content and have the opportunity to gain potential customers.

For example, let’s say you have a clothing business that you just started. If the content on your blog is very interesting, such as style predictions or how to find the right clothes, then the content will definitely be very interesting for your blog visitors.

In fact, it is very likely that blog readers who initially only wanted to find out what products you offer will turn into your new customers. For that, it’s a good idea to create information-rich articles for your blog.

3. Increase the number of leads

Besides being able to increase website traffic , you can also use blogs to increase customer prospects or the number of leads.

In this case, the lead is one of the attitudes of interest given by potential consumers to the brand . This form of interest can be seen from joining newsletter subscriptions to filling out a contact form or including their email.

The official OpenVine page explains that the emails they provide can be analyzed and used for marketing activities. In addition, you can use this data to see the persona of each consumer. Of course, this will be very useful for determining the marketing strategy you want to implement.

If you already have a high lead rate, then you can then provide a promo so that their interest is higher and they want to make a purchase.

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