Black Coffee vs Cold Brew, Which is Healthier?

Cold brew coffee is different from regular black coffee. However, which is healthier between the two? Let’s see more in here.

For those of you who are caffeine fans, of course you are very familiar with various types of coffee, for example cold brew and black coffee. Regular black coffee and cold brew are known to have many differences.

The difference between cold brew and black coffee can be seen in the way it is made, the taste, and the concentration of the coffee.

What about the benefits for the body, which one is healthier? Let’s look at the following review.

Difference between Cold Brew and Regular Black Coffee

Black Coffee vs Cold Brew

Cold brew is a type of coffee that is only served at low temperatures. The way it is made is quite unique.

In ordinary black coffee, the coffee will be brewed with hot water, mixed with water, and ice cubes can be added.

Making cold brew coffee is very different. To release the coffee essence, flavor and concentrate, the coffee will be brewed using cold water or room temperature water for 12-24 hours.

Through this process, the resulting taste will be different from ordinary black coffee. Cold brew is less acidic and has a thicker taste.

This thicker taste is obtained from steeping for hours. As a result, the coffee concentration can combine more with the water.

Which is Healthier?

The impact of the unique brewing method makes cold brew coffee stronger than regular black coffee.

Because it is more concentrated, the caffeine content of cold brew can be higher. A higher amount of caffeine does not mean that coffee is healthier or more dangerous.

So, which is healthier, regular black coffee and cold brew? The answer is the same, as long as you know your tolerance threshold for caffeine so you don’t consume too much.

In about 300 ml of cold brew coffee, there is around 300-350 mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, the caffeine content of regular black coffee is around 200-300 mg in around 300 ml of coffee.

The recommended daily dose of caffeine is different for men and women. Women are advised not to consume more than 200-300 mg of caffeine, while men consume around 300-400 mg.

Also, avoid consuming more than six cups of coffee a day. According to research, excessive coffee consumption can increase the risk of heart disease by as much as 22 percent.

Especially if you have a history of hypertension, the amount of caffeine consumed every day must be very limited and paid attention to.

As long as we know these limits, consuming coffee is not dangerous, both cold brew and regular black coffee.

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