Benefits of Soursop Fruit, Good for Cholesterol and Immunity

Not only is it delicious on the tongue, but soursop fruit contains nutrients that are healthy for the body. Here are the benefits of soursop fruit that you need to know!

You could say, that soursop is one of the people’s favorite fruits. The flesh is fibrous with a slightly sour but fresh taste. Usually, this fruit is enjoyed directly but can also be served as juice

Soursop contains a lot of carbohydrates, especially fructose. Other nutritional content is vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, calcium, potassium, fiber, phosphorus, iron, zinc and copper.

From the various nutritional contents in it, the health benefits of soursop fruit that you need to know include:

1. Healthy Digestive System

Soursop is an excellent source of fiber. The fiber content in soursop fruit helps improve digestive health.

He also added, “Fiber can also help reduce the risk of digestive diseases such as diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer.”

2. Has the potential to fight cancer

“In vitro and animal studies show that the compounds in soursop fruit have antitumor potential and can help fight the growth of cancer cells

The benefits of soursop fruit also come from graviola and flavonoid compounds which have anti-inflammatory and cell-protecting activities.

“Nevertheless, further studies are needed so that these results are more valid and can be applied to cancer treatments in the future.

3. Improves the immune system

“The vitamin C content in soursop fruit is useful for helping improve the immune system and protecting the body from various infections and diseases.

Vitamin C is known to strengthen the immune system by improving white blood cell function. One of the functions of white blood cells is to produce antibodies which play a role in fighting pathogenic infections (disease germs).

4. Fight Free Radicals

Free radicals can damage body cells. This condition can cause inflammation and even increase the risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Soursop fruit is known to contain high levels of antioxidants, such as acetogenin, flavonoids and polyphenols.

“This antioxidant helps fight free radicals in the body which cause cell damage and various diseases.

5. Stabilize Blood Pressure

There are 14 mg of potassium per 100 grams of soursop. Potassium functions to filter excess salt (sodium) in the body. Sodium levels can increase blood pressure.

In other words, the potassium in soursop fruit provides benefits by maintaining sodium balance so that blood pressure remains normal. Potassium can also help blood vessels stay relaxed, allowing for better circulation.

6. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation of body cells can lead to an increased risk of chronic diseases, such as arthritis.

“The phytochemical compounds in soursop fruit have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the body. “This can be useful in reducing the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis.

You can get the benefits of soursop fruit if you consume it with other healthy foods regularly.

7. Maintains heart health

The benefits of consuming soursop fruit or juice which can stabilize blood pressure, turn out to have a good impact on the heart.

Several studies show that the phytochemical compounds in soursop fruit can help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve lipid profiles, thereby maintaining heart health.”

8. Slows down aging

“The vitamin C and antioxidant content in soursop fruit can help maintain healthy skin, reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, and help fight free radicals that can damage the skin.

Yes, exposure to free radicals from pollution, cigarette smoke, and ultraviolet light is a factor in skin aging. Your skin can become dry, wrinkled, saggy, and appear dark spots.

Apart from minimizing exposure to various factors, consuming antioxidant foods, such as soursop fruit, can really help slow down the aging process.

9. Streamline your diet

The fiber content in soursop fruit is quite high. You can use the nutrients as a snack while on a diet. Fiber keeps the stomach full longer. This effect curbs your desire to snack on unhealthy foods.

You can enjoy soursop fruit by eating it directly or making fruit juice or smoothies. Don’t forget to balance it with optimal physical activity.

10. Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Soursop has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels in several animal studies.

In research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, giving soursop extract to diabetic mice reduced blood sugar levels by up to 75 percent.

However, this animal study used concentrated amounts of soursop extract. That means the amount of soursop fruit is quite large if consumed as food.

Although human studies are needed, these findings suggest that ripe soursop fruit may have benefits for diabetes sufferers when paired with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

11. Prevents Constipation

Constipation is a commonly complained-of condition. Fortunately, this digestive problem can be prevented by consuming fibrous foods, such as soursop fruit.

The fiber in soursop fruit keeps the stool texture soft. Feces more easily pass through the large intestine and are excreted by the body. You need to get the benefits of soursop fruit by meeting your daily fluid needs.

12. Speeds up the body’s recovery from flu or colds

The benefits of soursop fruit are related to its benefits in improving the immune system. So, the vitamin C content can encourage the body to recover more quickly from viral infections, such as flu or colds.

Well, you can find vitamin C in various kinds of fruit, such as soursop, oranges, mangoes and guava. Soursop’s soft texture, sweetness, and aroma are enough to increase your appetite when you have a cold.

13. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Your body really needs cholesterol. However, the amount needed is not much. If you often eat foods high in fat, cholesterol levels can increase.

Over time, this habit can increase the risk of high cholesterol levels, heart disease, and stroke. According to research conducted by UPN Veteran University students, soursop extract can reduce cholesterol levels in white mice.

14. Maintains bone health

Bone cells need calcium and vitamin D to function optimally. To meet these nutritional needs, you can consume soursop fruit.

This fruit is equipped with calcium, which is the main component of bones. This mineral provides strength and structure to the body’s skeleton. You can optimize the benefits of soursop fruit by sunbathing in the morning and consuming dairy products.

15. Supports the Health of Pregnant Women

The various nutrients from soursop fruit provide many benefits for pregnant women. The reason is, soursop contains folic acid, iron, zinc, and other minerals and vitamins.

Apart from protecting pregnant women, iron and folic acid can support the development of the fetus in the womb. Do you know what the benefits of soursop fruit are for health? So, don’t miss out on this fruit as a snack or dessert when eating, okay?

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