Benefits of Board Games For Young Children

we last 3-4 Playing traditional board games like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders from days Have been. so, When I started playing another game of Snakes and ladders, Then I realized how amazing these games are. this game is mine 5 for a one-year-old child, Only are much more beneficial than entertainment and after that, I realized how capable they are in teaching children

Mathematics: A lot of numerical skills can be imparted with the help of this game. number recognition in, Joint, Includes subtraction and counting. This board game helps a child identify numbers and to numbers Add A good way to teach. I was amazed at how my son was progressing on counting and addition while playing this game.

sense of direction: For young children who can’t read numbers yet, it’s up and down, A great way to teach left and right.

logic: When you are playing with your child, so make him taller, Ask the smallest to find the snakes and ladders. Encourage the child to look at the patterns of snakes and try to find the one that stands out.

Self Control: Of course, all board games build this skill – in both you and your child. as a mother, It was a lesson in patience and when my 5 one-year-old child makes silly mistakes, This lesson was teaching me to control my emotions while he was trying his best to upset me. wait your turn, Giving others their bets and happily accepting defeat in the game, It was a big lesson for him too.

We are learning a lot with this game. The most important lesson for me was that not every game and every conversation is meant to teach the child something new or important. As parents, we are very keen to make our children smart and intelligent. We spend more money than necessary on educational toys and new equipment.

It is not that they are not needed but, What I’m trying to say is that if we teach children Smart If we want to succeed in our goal of creating something, we need to change ourselves a little. Games should first be used to enjoy them to the fullest and to increase love and affection in the family and as far as learning is concerned, He It will definitely happen.

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