Balázs Sebestyén, Wiki, Movies & Tv Shows, Net Worth, Age

Balázs Sebestyén, Wiki, Movies & Tv Shows, Net Worth, Age

Balázs Sebestyén

Birth name: Balázs Sebestyén
Nickname: Balázs
Date of birth: July 18, 1977
Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary
Profession: host
Marital status: married, 2 children
Spouse: Viktória Horváth (m. 2009)
Children: Benett Sebestyén, Noel Sebestyén
Parents: József Sebestyén, Julianna Sarolta Borsiczky
Movies: Noah’s Ark
Height: 180 cm
Original hair color: blonde brown
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Net Worth: $700 million

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Balázs Sebestyén was born on July 18, 1977 in Budapest. During his high school years, he did not wink at the media at all, as he attended a gymnasium in Pest where a great emphasis was placed on sports. Balázs tried to wrestle to such an extent that, according to him, he was not at all hopeless.

Balázs Sebestyén CAREER

As a presenter, he first appeared on a – at the time – newly launched music channel, Z+. It is interesting that Vadon met Jani for the first time there, with whom he is currently also a presenter on a radio show. After the channel went down, it kind of disappeared.

In 2004, however, he returned again: RTL Klub contracted him for several programs. He first appeared in Kísérts, then he also hosted the Starbox show. In 2006, the Balázs Show started, which was on the channel’s offer for 2 years. 2008 was his year at the channel: he hosted the Pókerarc show with István Vágó, he received the Kész Átverés show from László Jáksó, and in October he hosted I’m a Celeb, get out of here! c. program with Vadon Jani, then he received another program every weekday evening, A séfet.

In 2009, Vadon got another show with Jani, Kalandra fal! In 2010, he led the X-Factor with Nóri Ördög. He hosted the X-Faktor in parallel with Való Világ 4, and the following year he also became one of the presenters of the 5th season of the reality show.

In 2012, RTL bought Egy perc és nyersz! skill game rights and chose Balázs as the host. In the same year (Nov. 5, 2012), a game called A kód was launched on the channel, also hosted by Balázs. In the fall of 2013, he got a new show, Vundersön and supersexy, which he hosted with Vadon Jani. In 2014, he was the presenter of 4N4LN – Four against four.

In January 2009, he got a job at Danubius Rádió with Feri Rákóczi and Jani Vadon. Every weekday morning, the students were awaited in Pirítós. As the radio went out of business that year, so did the show. Until November 2016, we could listen to them on Class FM’s Morning Show. In September 2015, the new show Gyertek át Saturday evening started. contest. In 2016, we saw him in the children’s talent show Kicsi oriások on RTL Klub. In the winter of 2016, his show, Gyertek át Saturday evening, started its second season. contest.

His first book, Strictly Confidential, was published in 2008.

Balázs Sebestyén Private Life

Balázs is very protective of his private life from the press. He didn’t make a big deal about when he got married or when his son Benett was born (October 18, 2009). Their second child, Noel, was born on December 18, 2014.
His hobbies are horse riding, skiing, archery and tennis.

Balázs Sebestyén FEES

2008: Story Five Star Award, Best Presenter
2009: Story Five Star Award, Best Presenter
2010: Story Five Star Award, Best Presenter
2011: Story Five Star Award, Best Presenter
2013: Story Five Star Award, Best Presenter
2015: Story Five Star Award award, Best Presenter

Jessica Alba Filmography & Movies

Television programs:

1997–2003:  Stationary Z+, VIVA+

2003–2008:  Balázs show RTL Klub

2004:  Starbox RTL Club

2004:  Temptation RTL Club

2007:  New York Poker Open RTL Club

2008:  Poker Face RTL Club

2008, 2014:  I’m a Celebrity, Get Out of Here! RTL Club

2008–2012:  The Safe RTL Club

2008–2009:  Complete scam RTL Klub

2009:  Adventure Wall! RTL Club

2010:  X-Factor RTL Club

2010–2011:  Real World 4 RTL Club

2011–2012:  Real World 5 RTL Club

2011:  Love at the highest levels RTL Klub

2012, 2015 1 minute and you win! RTL Club

2012:  The code RTL Klub

2013:  Vundersőn and Zuperszexi RTL Club

2014:  4N4LN – Four against four RTL Klub

2015:  Hungary’s Got Talent RTL Club

2015–:  Come over! RTL Club

2016:  Winning pair RTL Klub

2016:  Little Giants RTL Club

Radio programs:

2002–2004: Hello  Deejay

2002–2004:  50 Songs

2004–2006:  Morning Horseradish

2006:  Danubius Breakfast Trio

2009:  Danubius Toast

2009–2016:  Morning Show

2016–:  Breakfast Show

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