Baby Gets These Big Benefits From Applying Ubtan

A newborn baby needs the most care. For the good health and cleanliness of the baby, Ubtan is traditionally applied in our country. In fact, a newborn baby is at risk of various types of infections and seasonal diseases. Combing not only removes excess hair from the baby’s body but is also very important for his good health.

Let us tell you the benefits of applying boiling water to the baby

Better blood circulation through rubbing

Applying ubtan to the baby improves blood circulation in his body. The better the blood flow in the baby’s delicate body, the better will be his mental and physical development. Therefore, boiling is considered necessary for the baby.

remove toxins from the body

Scientific evidence has been found that applying ubtan removes the toxins present in the baby’s body. Along with this, the use of Ubtan improves the skin of the baby, which remains lifelong.

maintain moisture in the skin

Oil is also used in rubbing, hence applying it provides necessary moisture to the baby’s skin. The skin becomes dry especially in winter due to cold and dry air. Generally, mustard oil suits most babies.

remove excess hair from the skin

There is a long-standing tradition of applying Ubtan to remove unwanted hair from the body of small children and also because of its many health benefits. Generally, kneading flour is better for the baby. It is also believed that massaging with flour promotes blood circulation and also helps in removing toxins from the body. Some people believe that a paste made of gram flour and turmeric or a paste of flour, raw milk and rose water also helps in removing hair.

which boil is better

Flour paste is considered very good for the delicate skin of the baby. For this, first of all add some olive oil, some turmeric and water to the flour and knead it soft. Now dip it in lukewarm oil and apply it on the baby’s body and massage it. Make the dough soft and apply it slowly on the skin as the baby’s skin is very delicate.

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