At What Age Do Children Start Dreaming?

One of the most important decisions parents have to take is when to start play school. This is the first time that the child is exposed to the social environment. You may also be wondering when is it right to enroll the child in school (When do Children Start School)? In India, 2.5 years of age is considered ideal to start play school. But nowadays children as young as 21 months are also accepted by some playgroups.

When should one actually start playschool? (When Will the child start school), It does not only depend on the age of the child but also considering many other things, you should decide to send him to play school. In this article, we will try to tell what things should be considered before sending the child to play school.

What things should be considered before sending a child to school?

The most important factor that forms the basis of a decision is the readiness of the child i.e. how ready he is to go to school. Because every child is different and takes his own time to reach different developmental milestones, it is not right to make decisions based only on a set age. Many factors should be considered before taking this decision such as –

  • The child must be able to communicate verbally and express himself. He should be able to communicate any discomfort he is feeling.
  • Children should be able to share their experiences with their parents and express their likes and dislikes. This way teachers and parents can be able to understand the child better.
  • The child should be able to do some work on his own like taking lunch, keeping his bag safe, asking him to go to the washroom, etc.
  • There should be a desire to explore new things around and at home. You should observe the child’s curiosity and ability to focus.
  • The child should live comfortably with other children so that separation anxiety goes away. The child should be comfortable sleeping alone for a few hours or with family members other than parents.
  • The child should have a sense of confidence and be able to do activities on his own.
  • To enable the child to communicate with other children.
  • He should spend his time in outdoor activities like playing in the park, participating in sports, etc.
  • The child should be able to interact with other children and teachers so that he is comfortable in school and does not feel uncomfortable due to isolation.
  • He should be able to understand and follow the instructions given by the teachers.
  • The child should be able to understand stories and know how to enjoy rhymes.
  • The child should be physically fit and capable of doing activities like climbing, jumping or running.

What should I look for in a Play School?

Forcing a child to go to school without preparation causes damage to his emotional health and psychological harm. This affects the child’s behavior in the long run. So consider these factors before deciding to start a play school. You should consider the following factors –

  • School hours should be short (2-3 hours).
  • How is the mutual environment?
  • What is the cleanliness in and around the school?
  • Whether the syllabus focuses on overall development or not.
  • Whether necessary security arrangements are in place or not.
  • The school is not very far from our home.
  • How many children?
  • Is he a trained teacher or not?
  • Is there mid day meal in the school or not and what is the menu like?

These are some things to consider before choosing a play school. Apart from this, ask your friends and family for their opinion and choose wisely. Apart from school, you should also teach your child the lessons of honesty, friendship and patience at home. It is not right to depend only on school for the overall development of the child.

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