Some Such Advice From Grandmother Which Is For Every New Mother.

As soon as the newborn baby arrives, happiness and advice from people start coming together in the house. Feed the child like this, don’t eat this. Don’t walk like this, rest, and many other advices. The same advice is very useful for a newborn baby as well as its mother.

Let us know what is the advice given by grandmother and grandmother-

  • The pressure exerted on the head of a newborn baby during birth. Due to this, the shape of the baby’s head may become abnormal. Therefore rye pillow is used. Because while sleeping, babies turn their head to one side. The bones of the baby are very soft, by applying mustard pillow the shape of the baby’s head starts getting corrected.
  • You might have heard this from your mother or mother-in-law about applying asafoetida water on the stomach. Yes, if your baby is crying a lot then you can apply asafetida solution on the stomach. Take half a teaspoon of asafoetida, dissolve it in warm water and apply a very small paste on the baby’s stomach. By doing this the child gets relief from stomach ache. Because often newborns cry more due to gas in the stomach. Keep in mind that the water should be less than lukewarm.
  • Probably every mother knows this problem. It is said that whenever a child cries too much, he gets evil. In such a situation, grandmother or grandmother often turns a blind eye with clove water.
  • Not putting a newborn baby to sleep alone is a advice that every mother hears. It is not right to put a small child to sleep alone because the child gets scared.

Every new mother gets a lot of such advice. Because this advice has been going on for centuries, not just today. There are many beliefs behind this. But if the newborn baby is facing serious problems then definitely consult your doctor.

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