9 Portraits of Hayley Arceneaux, SpaceX’s First Female Civil Astronaut

Last year on September 15, 2021 local time, SpaceX successfully launched a space tourism mission consisting entirely of civilians. There were no professional astronauts on the mission.

The four civilian astronauts are Jared Isaacman, Sian Proctor, Hayley Arceneaux and Christopher Sembroski. The four astronauts come from different backgrounds. Focusing on Hayley Arceneaux, who the hell is she? Come on, get to know Hayley in this article!

1. Hayley Arceneaux is an American woman who was born on December 4, 1991 in Louisiana, United States of America.

Hayley Arceneaux

2. Currently, Hayley is working as a medical assistant at St. Children’s Research Hospital. Jude in Memphis, Tennessee

St. Children's Research Hospital

3. Since childhood, he has been fond of the field of science, especially in health

4. When she was 10 years old, Hayley was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg. Really sad, huh?

diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg

5. Due to the cancer, Hayley was required to undergo various surgeries and chemotherapy until she had to be replaced with a prosthetic bone

6. The doctor’s decision to replace it with a false bone bears a sweet fruit. Hayley’s condition is gradually improving and is healthy until now

Hayley's condition

7. Thanks to this experience, Hayley was moved to work at St. Hospital. Jude and wants to cure another cancer patient

8. Then in 2021, Hayley was elected as the representative of St. Jude to drive on SpaceX’s space travel mission

Hayley Arceneaux

9. Not without reason he was chosen. This is because this mission aims to collect donations to help cure cancer patients at St. Children’s Hospital. Jude

Hayley Arceneaux has indeed become one of the heroes for the hospital where she works. This is because he raises the spirit to heal for the patients there. Hope Hayley continues to spread positivity for everyone, okay!

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