8 Ways To Bring Your Child Closer To Nature

Children are very honest at heart. They are very fond of their close members and everything around them. This is the reason why they often like to live and play among things related to nature. Let us tell you that children living close to nature can not only have a calm nature, but the ways of bringing children closer to nature can also teach them the lesson of being soft-hearted and helping everyone. Here we are telling about the activities of children, which will also help them in connecting with nature.

8 ways to bring your child closer to nature

Following are the ways to bring the child closer to nature, such as:

Ways To Bring Your Child Closer To Nature

1. Spend as much time as possible with nature

Take your child out of the smartphone world. Teach him the habit of spending time outside the house, in parks, gardens or with pots and flower beds on the terrace. Because of this habit, the child himself will easily start feeling the attachment of being close to nature. He may like to be in open environment and fresh air with nature.

2. Take the child for a walk

Go for a walk with your child in a park outside the house in the morning and evening. After a few days, the child may start the habit of going for a walk on his own. Also, whenever you take your child for a walk, carry along food grains for the birds to peck and bread for other animals. In this way, a good habit can be developed in the child and he can also bring himself closer to nature by going for a walk.

3. Choose quiet and airy places

In today’s time, big gardens do not exist to get closer to nature. Therefore, take the child to a cool and well-ventilated park. At such a place, the child can easily connect himself with nature and can start visiting there again and again to calm his mind.

4. Knowing about different flowers

Flowers are so attractive that they can charm anyone at the first sight. Through these flowers we can bring the child closer to nature. It can generate curiosity in the child to identify new flowers and know about them. In such a situation, the child can often start identifying different types of flowers on his own to satisfy his curiosity. With this he can spend more time with nature.

5. Identifying different natural scents

Fragrances come not only from flowers but also from fruits, vegetables, trees and leaves. Nowadays, different types of fragrances are used for room fresheners, scents, perfumes etc. In such a situation, parents can teach the child the habit of recognizing all types of smells. In this way, the child can not only learn about many types of fragrances but can also easily judge their quality.

6. Teach art and craft with flowers and leaves

Everyone likes art and craft. This can also be included in children’s activities. However, for this, the child can be asked to make art and craft from flowers and leaves by using paint or making other toys. With this, the child can learn to make various types of arts and crafts from flowers and leaves and can also come closer to nature.

7. Growing new plants from seeds

Seeds can also be included in ways to connect children with nature. For this, teach the child to plant seeds in pots at home and in the park and teach them to take care of them. After some time, when the plant will be ready from those seeds, it will increase the enthusiasm and confidence of the child. In this way the child himself can learn to grow new plants from new seeds.

8. Counting stars

Twinkling stars can also be included in the way to bring the child closer to nature. Urban children often spend their time within the four walls of their homes. In such a situation, whenever the weather is clear, you can sit with the child on the terrace or in the balcony and talk about the stars. They can be asked to count stars every day. Also, ask them to notice which star shines brightest on which day.

There are many ways to bring the child closer to nature. However, the first contribution in this can be considered necessary from the parents. In fact, children get every first lesson from their parents only. Apart from this, he spends most of his time with his parents. In such a situation, parents can bring their children closer to nature by adopting children’s activities and the measures mentioned in this article to connect them with nature.

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