5 Signs Your Cat is Feeling Uncomfortable, Don’t Disturb!

Cats are one of the animals that are often around people. This is because cats are not only known as street animals but also often become pets at home. That was why its existence became quite familiar to most people.

Behind the cuteness and cuteness of cats, they are still animals that also have their own emotions and feelings. Like humans, cats can also feel discomfort when faced with certain situations. To better understand this, you should know the following signs that your cat is feeling uncomfortable.

1. Make unusual noises

Cats have different ways of expressing each emotion they feel. Similarly, if cats feel uncomfortable with their surroundings, they will show it through sound.

According to the Human Society, cats usually make various sounds, such as hissing, loud meowing, and other characteristic sounds that can be an indication that they are uncomfortable with their surroundings. If it’s like this, then don’t bother him and leave the cat alone.

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2. Run away and refuse to interact

Cats also have their own preferences when they want to interact with other people. Usually, they will read the situation around them first, whether it is threatening or comfortable enough for them.

According to PetMD, many cats choose to ignore other people and refuse any interaction if they feel uncomfortable. This can happen if they feel threatened or stressed due to the things around them. If this is the case, then don’t force the cat to keep interacting.

3. Easily angry and shows an aggressive attitude

Every cat has a different way of expressing their discomfort sometimes. Some may only be limited to avoiding, but there are also those who don’t sing in expressing aggressive expressions towards humans.

There are even some aggressive actions that cats can take when they feel uncomfortable, such as attacking, scratching, hitting, pulling, and many more, as reported by the Latin American Post. Things like that actually show the characteristics of cats who feel stressed and uncomfortable with their surroundings, so humans must be sensitive to these characteristics.

4. Trying to stay hidden

Not all cats can feel comfortable with all the interactions made by the people around them. There are also some cats who perceive this as a threat which makes them have to avoid it as much as possible.

Usually, cats prefer to hide when they feel uncomfortable. This method is done, because it can make them feel comfortable, safe, and protected from dangerous things, as quoted by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Not surprisingly, sometimes there are cats who may refuse to interact and instead choose to hide.

5. Refusal to eat

It turns out that cats have some characteristics that are actually similar to humans when they are feeling uncomfortable. This is one of them is the refusal to eat the food he needs daily.

As reported by PetMD, usually if the cat does not have any physical problems, then it could be that he refuses to eat because he feels stressed to depression. It’s no surprise that cats can get like that when they’re really uncomfortable with something. That way, don’t let people force the cat and make them feel even more stressed about their situation.

It turns out that there are many things that cats can express when they feel uncomfortable.

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