5 Popular Movies Starring Only One Actor

A movie will usually have a storyline that has ups and downs, requiring the support of many characters in it to make the storyline successful.

The needs of various types of characters whether as lead actors, supporting actors or as additional actors who are tasked with creating the necessary situations, are billed to bring the film to life.

But there are also some films whose storyline is strong enough to be supported by only one actor, which will completely determine the success or failure of the film.

Not many producers dare to take such a risk, but those who dare to try; manage to get unique results that made the audience excited.

1. Philip Baker Hall ‘Secret Honor’ (1984)

A film that has been in production for almost 40 years, ‘Secret Honor features (now) veteran actor Philip Baker Hall as former President of the United States, Richard Nixon who is faced with the pressures of life after his downfall due to the Watergate scandal that hit the country.

The scandal became the main focus of Nixon’s psychological level changes through Baker Hall’s acting, who likes to monologue alone discussing the events that have happened to him and trying to find a way out of the various allegations that hit him.

Baker Hall’s performance in this film, performed alone in one location, was praised by critics of the era. The film remains outstanding maintaining a 7.3-star rating on IMDB and is frequently mentioned when Nixon-related issues are brought up.

2. David Oyelowo ‘Nightingale’ (2014)

After killing his own mother, Peter Snowden (David Oyelowo) begins to face the reality of what he has done.

He tried to start a normal life but failed, before deciding to record whatever was on his mind at the time into a video for his followers to watch.

Snowden also has to decide how to deal with his mother’s body that is still in the house.

By focusing on the relationship between technology and the interaction between Snowden and his followers every time it airs as the mainstay, the film was well received by critics with Oyelowo’s solo acting being praised; effectively displays the ups and downs of the character’s psyche.

Currently, the aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes puts Nightingale’s score at 82%, indicating a positive audience reception towards the film.

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3. Robert Redford ‘All Is Lost’ (2013)

A quiet film featuring the legendary actor Robert Redford, ‘All Is Lost’ features an unnamed male character played by Redford who is stranded at sea on a boat alone, after an accident involving the ship he was on.

Throughout this film, the man tries to adapt to his new norm (haha) to continue to stay alive, learn to deal with the present disaster and understand the hardships of life.

Redford’s performance in the film received thunderous applause on its first day of release, praised for successfully making the audience feel the ups and downs of the character throughout the film.

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‘All Is Lost’ received a positive reaction from the majority of film critics with a score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.98 on IMDB. Hopefully, this movie deserves to be called a modern classic.

4. Ryan Reynolds ‘Buried’ (2010)

The writer should explain, the writer failed to finish this film because of the fear that struck due to the pressure of the narrow place. So the writer only knows the ending of this film through the writing on the Wikipedia page as well as the discussion of other parties on the internet.

That’s how successful this film is in showing the nervousness that a person trapped in a small room will face.

After being captured by a terrorist group in Iraq, Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is taken hostage, locked in a coffin buried in the ground accompanied by a lighter and a telephone.

Throughout the film, Conroy continues to communicate with many parties including the terrorist group that planted him in an effort to ensure that the ransom is successfully paid. As a result of an incident that happened nearby, the coffin containing Conroy broke; causing the sand to slowly begin to fill the room, further shortening the time he had to try to save himself.

In contrast to the comedic characters he always plays, Reynolds’ performance in this film was praised by many. The film ‘Buried’ also got good reviews, given a score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.3 on IMDB.

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5. Tom Hardy ‘Locke’ (2014)

Tom Hardy (Warrior, Mad Max Fury Road) is indeed a very versatile actor and the movie ‘Locke’ is proof that he can carry a feature film alone.

Throughout the duration of this film, Ivan Locke (Hardy) just sits driving a BMW X5 car communicating with other characters on the phone while traveling from Birmingham to London; after his affair with a woman resulted in her becoming pregnant, even though Locke was already married.

On the way to London to accompany the woman who gave birth to their child out of wedlock, Locke has to deal with various situations involving career, personal issues and the future of his family which has now grown to two.

‘Locke’ was well received by the majority of film fans, scoring 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.7 on IMDB.

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Hardy’s solo performance throughout the film and his reaction to all the events that befell him were widely praised, raising Hardy’s reputation as one of the most successful British actors in Hollywood.

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