5 Most Confusing Female Traits for Men

Men and women are created as two sexes that are quite different physically and in nature.

This difference is even bigger – it is responsible for creating a sense of love, affection and affection between two people who agree to share life together.

But after getting married, the man begins to have to face a kind of creature that is far different from the cute individual he has known for a long time.

Only then did she discover that in the nature of women, many were actually hidden things that were difficult to interpret arbitrarily. Only a wise man can understand the fluctuations of women’s behavior, even then sometimes stumble once or twice.

Here are five female traits that have been known for generations to confuse men with no way out.

According To BRAINY DOSE Traits Men Subconsciously Find Attractive in a Woman

1. Angry cheating men …. in their dreams

Anyone who has ever sat in this situation must understand how confused it is to deal with the accusations and allegations raised.

Angry cheating men .... in their dreams

How is a man able to explain why he is willing to cheat on another woman, which happens in the dream of the woman he loves?

You really can’t answer anything! Again, if the man is caught ‘cheating’ with another woman he knows.

For a man who has never had such an experience, you need to know that there are indeed women who will be moody and angry all day over all the scenes he has to witness in a dream.

This is something normal. Strange, but normal.

2. Do you like to ask other beautiful men and women?

For those who have extensive experience or old people, such people are already aware that if your wife or girlfriend asks your opinion about the beauty of another woman – it is a deadly trap.

Don’t answer it at all. Faking stupidity. Ignore. Get up and run out of the house. Hiding in the toilet.

Men will not understand the purpose of such a question is often asked, this is because the question is only He Who Knows knows the true intention of the question. Men won’t know.

Do not be honest.

“She’s beautiful too, but not as beautiful as you!” answer you, supposedly want to be sincere. Big mistake.

As we said, don’t know. This is because women themselves actually do not know why they like to ask such questions but get angry when given an honest answer.

3. Like to collect things without using them

Every woman has one item or product that she likes to buy a lot, but most likely she does not use it at all.

Some people like to buy clothes, Tupperware food containers, shoes, handbags and many other common equipments used by women.

Buy, buy, buy, buy a lot – which they usually use out of 10 items bought only one or two. The rest are mostly used once, before being cleaned and stored in storage for jewelry.

No matter how frugal a woman is, there must be one thing she practices such a habit.

If you are lucky enough to marry a woman who collects brooches, every time you meet it must be bought – you can breathe a sigh of relief because you don’t need a lot of space to save.

But for other categories of women who only have a new pair of shoes or a new handbag every month, it’s bad too.

Eventually, all the shoes and handbags were stored, which were frequently worn were just the same. A man who is dizzy thinking about where to keep all that is not used.

4. Likes to make men guess what’s on their minds


In many situations, this situation is the most confusing of all men.

One, because only women know what’s in the box of their minds. Two, because this situation happens most often. For example – the man invites the woman to eat out but the invitation just stops there.

There are no suggestions on where to eat, what to eat, what time to go out and so on. The only guide is ‘let’s eat out.’

Inexperienced men will definitely ask ‘where do you want to eat?’ or ‘what do you want to eat?’.

The question will usually be answered with the answer ‘you choose’ or ‘follow you.’ Hah! Sounds kind of fun doesn’t it? Try the guy actually take her to the store of the guy’s choice. Then the snout came out and I didn’t want to eat there.

That’s just one situation involving eating out. We haven’t entered another situation like ‘let’s go on a trip?’ or ‘this weekend remember to go for a walk’ or ‘I think there’s something to buy.’

All the sentences we wrote above sounded concise and easy to understand on the surface. But only after the men tried to peel it layer by layer, then it became clear that it was not an invitation or an invitation – it was an instruction.

Only experienced men know ‘let’s eat out’ means ‘I want to eat, bring me to eat where I like.’

5. Like men equally bear their suffering

One of the most notable differences between the natures of a woman and a man especially when it involves those who are working is how they express their feelings of unease.

Usually, men rarely want to open their mouths to stories about workplace problems.

They will be silenced even if there is an issue in the office until they can quarrel. Women, on the other hand, whenever something or an issue arises, they will go home and share their feelings of suffering with the man.

The man had to deal with all office politics, gossip and conflict, from the smallest to the largest.

From the man who didn’t know anything about his wife’s colleague, after that he knew all the household problems of his wife’s colleague, including the problems of his friend’s children, he still wanted to breastfeed even though he had entered primary school.

The understanding man knows when such a moment – even in his own head of fibers thinking of office problems, he will sit diligently listening. Men who have been married for a long time already know that in a situation like this, they don’t even hear, it’s okay.

Just nod your head, pretend to listen and occasionally curse the wife’s co-worker who did the thing-because that’s all the woman wants. People who want to hear all the stories of his suffering.

Why do women like to share stories of their suffering? I do not know.

Probably because by sharing, they feel more trusting in men. But women should be aware, men will feel weird and weird when meeting a wife’s co-worker in an office-organized ceremony, which we know has their marital issues and problems.

It’s weird when we know the rules come their month irregularly. All because wives and women love to share all things.

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