5 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Running an email marketing campaign can be a tricky business, especially if you’re new to the world of list building and subscriber engagement. Despite having ample experience in email marketing, there remain numerous avenues where you might encounter stumbling blocks, leading to the potential loss of customers. Avoid these common mistakes with the help of this guide from the experts of SEO in Fremont.

Poor Subject Lines:

Whether your email is a welcome message or a thank you note, make sure your subject line will actually grab people’s attention. A great subject line should be clear and concise, using action words and as few words as possible. Rather than simply stating “New Subscriber,” consider using a phrase like “Embrace Our Latest Addition: A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Member!” After all, each subject line only has one chance to catch someone’s eye before they move on.

Overdoing Photos and Graphics:

This is similar to the principle applied for web design in Fremont CA. When you send an email with excess graphics, your subscribers are forced to download that graphic file before they can read your email. If that graphic is 20MB in size, it might take them a very long time. In some cases, it might even crash their email program or app! To avoid annoying your subscribers and triggering spam filters, use small, simple graphics instead of large ones full of visual effects.

Not Allowing Users to Reply:

Make it easy for users to respond to your messages with a few simple clicks. The easiest way is to enable them to reply directly from your email with a familiar “reply” or “reply all” button. This can boost open rates and engagement, and could potentially even lower your bounce rate as more people take advantage of it. This helps improve your SEO in Fremont. If you don’t want to use these buttons, make sure you have an “Email Us” link in every email that directs customers back to your website.

Not Doing A/B Testing Enough:

A/B testing is a simple process that compares two versions of an email—side by side, back-to-back—to see which version performs better. This should be part of your routine, not just your repertoire: While you should test any major change to a campaign or message, you should also test everything else. Testing minor tweaks can help you increase open rates and clickthroughs.

Not Utilizing Message Previews:

Many marketing experts agree that the preview pane is one of email’s best features. As long as you make it obvious what recipients are signing up for, including a message preview can actually increase conversion rates. Doing so will not only help convert more subscribers, but it can also reduce your unsubscribe rate because email users will have a better understanding of what they’re subscribing to.

It can be tempting to avoid the hard work of creating an email marketing strategy, but the lack of email marketing could be detrimental to your business’ success. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above and get in touch with a digital marketing agency in Fremont that can deliver the best results with an effective email marketing strategy.

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