5 ‘Cameos’ In Popular Movies That You Didn’t Notice

A brief appearance or ‘cameo’ is often used as one of the interesting ways to spice up a movie.

What’s more, when big actors agree to make simple appearances that their appearances are completely unnoticed by the audience who only know about these appearances long after the show ends.

Here are five appearances in the form of ‘cameo’ that have already been shown in Hollywood films. Try to count how many you notice.

1. Brad Pitt in ‘Deadpool 2’

Taking on the role of ‘Vanisher’ in this superhero film, the character played by Brad Pitt is not seen in the film – just like the name suggests.

Being one of the heroes chosen to help Deadpool’s character, Vanisher unfortunately died while diving with the help of an umbrella caught on an electric cable.

As a result of the shock that occurred, Vanisher’s invisibility power disappeared – revealing his true face to the audience in less than 2 seconds.

As payment for appearing in the film, Brad Pitt was paid a cup of coffee.

2. Jason Statham in the movie ‘Collateral’

Before his name was raised as a new generation of action movie actors who are now established, Jason Statham became known as the main star of the film series ‘The Transporter.’

Perhaps inspired by the film, Statham was asked to make a brief appearance in ‘Collateral’, starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx – as a courier.

Statham’s only appearance in the film is to hand a bag to Tom Cruise’s character, appearing for a few seconds before disappearing from the audience’s view.

3. Daniel Craig Dalam ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens

Unlike the other actors on this list, the character played by Daniel Craig – the main actor of James Bond (so far) requires that the real face of the actor be protected.

Craig plays a Stormtrooper who is hypnotized by the film’s main character, using the power of mind control.

But Craig wasn’t the only high-profile actor to make a cameo appearance. Tom Hardy also appeared in the same role but the scene was cut, in addition to singer Ed Sheeran.

4. Tom Morello in ‘Iron Man’

If you don’t know who Tom Morello is, he is one of the most respected guitarists in the world with the bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave.

In addition, he is also an outspoken social activist and admired for his relatively high educational background.

Playing an additional character as a guard assigned to imprison Tony Stark’s character – the life of Morello’s character is not long. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was the first victim to feel Iron Man’s fist.

5. Matt Damon in various movies

Matt Damon’s name is famous in the series of investigative films Bourne Identity, Good Will Hunting and Saving Private Ryan and many others.

This made him often called upon to make brief appearances in films, sometimes credited; usually not.

Damon appeared in the movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ playing the character Loki in an understated performance. He also appeared in the movie Deadpool 2 playing the role of ‘Redneck#2’ for a few seconds.

There are still many people who are not aware of his appearance in the classic teen movie ‘Eurotrip’, but the scene of the movie is not suitable for showing to the public.

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