5 Brands That Actually Also Produce Military Weapons

Mention about a famous brand, it must be easy for us to associate the brand with the product that is its main identity.

Even though there are many companies of international status that produce products for our use, they are actually global conglomerates that are also involved in the production of various other types of products – including weapons.

Do you know the engagements of this brand? Here are five unexpected brands, actually the world’s leading manufacturers of weapons and military equipment.

1. Ford

Ford is worldwide known as the first company to launch car sales commercially.

In this division of the giant company, there is a special division called Ford Aerospace, developed for the purpose of building aviation and defense equipment operating in Newport Beach, California in 1956.

Developed based on technology owned by a company called Aeronutronic, Ford Aerospace produced a type of missile called the AIM-9 Sidewinder, used in the United States air force in 1964.

In addition, Ford Aerospace is also responsible for developing several independent projects such as the Shillelagh anti-tank projectile, the Pave Knife laser-based targeting pod and several other projects with the military, as well as being involved with other companies in government-run development.

2. Mitsubishi

Known as a passenger car manufacturer with reasonable prices, not many would have thought that Mitsubishi through the division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) is a fighter jet manufacturer right?

Starting as a shipbuilding company in 1891, MHI eventually grew into the largest private company in Japan involved in various industries such as shipping, heavy machinery, railways and of course aeronautics, aviation as well as defense.

MHI markets fighter jets that are among the official equipment of the Japanese defense force, apart from producing its own armored cars and tanks. MHI’s shipping legacy continues with the production of warships as well as missile equipment of various types.

More uniquely, MHI also has the ability to produce satellite devices as well as spacecraft for the purpose of launching its own satellites.

3. Samsung

Samsung is quite similar to the brand of smartphones and electronics, but in the history of this company – they have also been involved in the production of weapons.

Samsung Precision Co. Ltd. was established as one of the divisions under the Samsung conglomerate, which started to develop laboratory equipment. The offer of cooperation with the company General Electric from the United States started Samsung’s involvement in the field of jet engine manufacturing.

From here, Samsung gained experience, going further to produce Bell 427 model helicopters with the Bell Helicopter firm, as well as producing engines and jet engine components for use by other airlines under the new name Samsung Aerospace Industries.

In 1989 due to the threat of North Korea upgrading their defense equipment, Samsung Aerospace Industries together with the South Korean Defense Agency began developing the K9 Thunder tank, which became their most successful product in the defense industry.

4. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is one of the brands that should be given credit for giving a second breath to the revival of the popularity of large motorcycles in our country.

A company that did start as an aircraft builder, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Aerospace Company (KHIAC) is now a division of Kawasaki, responsible for building aeronautics, space products, aircraft engines and missiles.

After the end of the US occupation era that prevented companies like Kawasaki from operating, KHIAC began collaborating with several other Japanese companies to revive their stagnant industries.

Beginning in the 1970s, KHIAC began to be more active in the development of military vehicles with the Japanese Ministry of Defense, developing the Kawasaki C-1 large transport jet model that was used until 2016.

This model was later replaced by an improved model of the Kawasaki C-2 which is still in service, specifically for use by the Japanese defense forces.

5. Daikin

Mention Daikin, air conditioning immediately comes to mind. This is because Daikin is the copyright holder of a cooling technology based on cooling liquid that is widely used in homes and buildings.

Daikin began as a company supplying aircraft cooling radiator hoses, before turning cooling technology into a major field.

They developed a ‘mifujirator’ cooling system used by the Japanese navy for their equipment before starting to produce the first commercial air conditioners in 1951.

The division responsible for the creation of Daikin weapons is the Defense Systems Division. This division is usually involved in the final manufacturing of small arms such as rifles and grenades, which are developed by other Japanese companies.

Among the defense products produced by Daikin that are popular among the Japanese military, are Type 06 grenades and Type 89 rifles.

We are sure that after this you will no longer be able to look at a Daikin brand air conditioner without thinking about an explosion.

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