3 Tips to Attract Interest and Train Children to Love Reading

There is no doubt that children now prefer holding gadgets and playing games rather than reading books. It is even more worrying when there are a few of them who are not supervised by their parents, thus opening up the opportunity to download inappropriate applications or even worse browse inappropriate websites.

A Malay proverb states, “Bend the bamboo from the bamboo shoot.” The role of parents in educating children to love reading is very important from the age of one corn. It’s not that you can’t directly hold the gadget, but parents need to monitor their children from time to time.

Follow the tips from a mother about the methods used to foster children’s interest in reading using different types of reading materials:

1. Download a knowledgeable application

In the past, when Raihanah first knew the alphabet, I told her to watch the YouTube series BETWEEN THE LIONS with SUPER WHY. These two stories will really improve your child’s polish reading readiness and vocab range.

In addition, I download ebooks from him. If the read-along/interactive English ebooks are littered on the internet. The Malay language does not have much. Most of them you have to read yourself. So, read it.

I also download apps like READ ME STORIES and ABCMOUSE. The abcmouse has to pay approximately RM30 per month subscription fee. Don’t think too much. When shopping online, you can buy shoes, handbags, everything is very educational apps for children, isn’t it?

2. Practice reading a book before bed (bedtime stories)

Ever since Raihanah was little, I have read a book (physical book) every night before going to bed. It’s a torment because most of the time mom will be yawning while reading to him with her eyes closed….tired! But white people say “perseverance” is important.

Don’t read it for a day, don’t read it for four days, then read it again. Be consistent. Every day MUST read. It doesn’t matter if you don’t finish reading, as long as you make it a habit to read. Over time, when Raihanah was clever, she started reading by herself. (Relieved a lot because mom can start reading mom’s book!)

The first time he will ask “mami how do you pronounce this?” I usually teach Raihanah to cover the words with her fingers. Say the syllables one by one, little by little. If I’m busy/lazy (lol, I’m human too), I’ll just go ahead and pronounce it. If you don’t know how to say any word, you can google it.

3. Reading activities outside the home

If you are out with the children, please share with them reading all the signboards and posters.

If we eat out, we always play spelling games while waiting for food. Usually, he will give the words, tell me to spell. I will pretend that I don’t know how to spell. Then he will get angry and say “mami doesn’t know that either” then he will spell it himself. Ha, it doesn’t seem like a tactic that mother uses. If someone at the next table makes fun of you, demonize them. You will be amazed at how terrible your child can be at spelling when you practice this way.

Apparently parents can be more creative by using all the resources around us, not limited to books. The important thing is that parents just need to spend some time to read together with their children. So, why don’t we start spending less time on social media and spend more quality time with the kids?

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