10 Creative Ideas For Your Child To Break Smartphone Addiction

The digital world has changed the times when we used to press the same button multiple times to write a message or search for something. Today, smart technology has given us the unique gift of smartphones, which have made it easy to write thousands of words with just one click. This is the reason why smartphone addiction is being seen not only in adults but also in children. In such a situation, read this article to know how to get rid of smartphone addiction in children.

Smartphone Addiction Occurs in Children

From newborns to older children, too variety of images and colors Get easily attracted after seeing them. This is the reason why smartphone addiction can be seen rapidly in children. Apart from this, there are many reasons which can lead to smartphone addiction in children, such as:

  • Mobile phone light – The blue light emitted from the phone can quickly attract the child.
  • Growing craze of social media – Various images viewed on phones, especially in front of children and increased use of other social media such as YouTube.
  • Silencing the child with a mobile phone – To console a crying child, if the parents give them a mobile phone to keep them quiet, then due to this also the effect of the mobile phone can be seen on the children.
  • Giving phone calls to children out of pampering – Generally, parents initially start giving mobile phones to their children out of love and affection, due to which the child may gradually become addicted to the smartphone.
  • Amusing the child on the pretext of phone – In the greed of feeding the child or getting him to complete his homework, parents start giving phones to their children, due to which the child may get addicted to mobile phones.
  • Making children smarter at an early age through mobile phones – In today’s modern era, every new skill and technology, starting from studies, can be easily learned through phone. Thinking this, parents often give mobile phones to their children at an early age. Even in such a situation, the child can become a victim of phone addiction.
  • Engaging the child in the phone – Many parents may give phones to their children to keep them busy so that they do not disturb their children again and again.

10 creative ideas to free your child from mobile addiction

Here we are telling you 10 creative ideas on how you can break smartphone addiction in your child. Adopting these can help your children get rid of mobile addiction.

1. Motivating to play sports

The best and simplest way to stay away from mobile phones is to play fun games with friends outside the home. For this, parents should initially take their children to the park and play various fun games with them. Then when the child learns to play that game, he can be encouraged to play this game with his friends also.

2. Teaching new skills to the child

If the child finishes school early and has a lot of free time, he can be motivated to learn a new skill. For example, you can enroll your child in classes like dancing, singing, painting or martial arts.

3. Spending time with the child

To free the child from smartphone addiction, parents can spend quality time with him. By doing this, the bonding between the parents and the child can also be strengthened, and the child’s attention can also be minimized towards the phone.

4. Explain the side effects of mobile

Parents can tell their children about the side effects of excessive mobile phone use. Tell them that it can affect their eyes as well as their social development.

5. Do not tempt your child with the phone

Do not lure a crying child with a mobile phone to calm him or console him. Instead, an attempt can be made to entertain the child by playing a game or telling him some kind of story.

6. Bring pets into the house

Pets are not only special members of the house, but also a good time can be spent with them. In such a situation, to help the child get rid of mobile addiction, parents can adopt the child’s favorite animal with which the child can easily keep himself busy.

7. Playing puzzles

Play puzzles

To keep the child busy instead of mobile phone, play puzzles with the child. Puzzles are not only fun, but they can also take a child’s time to solve, which can also enhance his intellectual development.

8. Reduce phone use

Parents should minimize phone use in front of their children. If the child sees less use of the phone at home, then his inclination towards using the phone may also naturally reduce.

9. Provide gardening training

A skill like gardening is considered difficult. In this, the work has to be done very carefully, which may also take more time. In such a situation, teach gardening to the child, so that he can keep himself busy in preparing the garden at home instead of using his phone in his free time.

10. Teach your child to explore

Not only related to studies but can also teach the child to explore topics ranging from social to various places, animals, birds and other collections. In this type of skill, the child may prefer to use the phone only for work-related information.

It is not that smartphone addiction in a child is always a loss-making deal. If the child uses the phone for a limited time and in the right way, it can also become a profitable deal for him. For this, it is important that parents themselves stay away from the addiction of using mobile. Use the phone in front of the child only when absolutely necessary.

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