Why Do Children Cry?

The journey of pregnancy can be quite challenging in the initial months after delivery. Your child is getting acquainted with his new world, and you too are just getting to know your child. In the beginning, your child may be seen crying all day long and the nights will also be troubled. You will not be able to get enough sleep, but do not worry, after some time the child will change his timetable and everything will change. And there will be a day when you won’t have to tell your child what to do when he cries.

Here are some of the obvious reasons why babies cry.

Why do children cry?

Children cannot talk, so they resort to crying to express their needs. To silence your crying child, you have to understand the reason and eliminate the problem.


The biggest and most obvious reason behind a baby’s crying is his hunger. If the baby is accompanied by signs like sucking his fists, smacking his lips, and restlessness, then immediately breastfeed or feed your baby.

changing diapers

If your child is wearing a diaper and you have not checked for a long time, and the child is feeling uncomfortable, then his diaper may definitely be full of dirt or wet. In such a situation, change the baby’s diaper immediately. Always make sure that the diaper you buy is the right size for your baby or has a good fit to avoid leakage.

Gas or stomach pain

Your baby needs some time after each meal to aid digestion. If your baby’s stomach looks a little bloated, he may be having a stomach ache. If continuous crying and screaming increases, then it is a sure sign of stomach ache.

Tired or sleepy

In the first few months, your baby needs you to sleep. If you have not trained your baby to soothe and sleep on his own, he may cry for help. A continuous increase in crying is a sign that the baby is tired and sleepy. If the child rubs his eyes or yawns, take your child to a quiet place and put him to sleep. You can also try singing a lullaby or telling a story or rocking the baby for a while.


Small children often want everyone’s attention towards themselves, they just want to tell by crying, Mama, pay attention to me.

Crying child (disease)

If your baby cries softly and seems less active then it is more likely that your baby is sick and needs a doctor. Signs like rising temperature, diarrhea, rashes, vomiting or runny nose are signs of ill health. Contact a pediatrician immediately.

Thought Part

This is the most common explanation for why babies cry, although there are many other reasons as well. Learn to observe and observe crying patterns to understand your baby’s signs and causes of distress. Make a systematic time table for your baby for feeding, defecation, sleeping time, etc. so that you can easily understand why the baby is crying based on your daily routine.

Always keep with you all the medicines prescribed by the specialist for fever, cough and stomach ache.

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