What is sleep divorce? Know why and when it is needed

What is the Sleep Divorce Trend

In India, marriage means the union of two people. After marriage, two people share the moments of their life in the same room. Especially sharing a bed in a room not only makes romantic moments beautiful but also brings two people closer in heart and mind. Many researches conducted on couples have also revealed that sleeping together strengthens their relationships. However, these days couples are preferring to live separately instead of sleeping together. This is called spill divorce. In this, couples sleep separately instead of sleeping together.

What is sleep divorce

What is Sleep Divorce?

Psychiatrist Dr. Kedar Tilve says that sleep divorce occurs between couples when one of the two is unable to sleep properly. In this divorce, couples do all their activities together but use separate bedrooms and beds for sleeping. However, during this period, physical relationships, family responsibilities and other things remain the same. How long couples have to take sleep divorce depends on them.

Why do couples need sleep in divorce?

Experts say that after spending the whole day fulfilling the responsibilities of home, office work, family, friends and children, every person wants to sleep peacefully. However, sometimes couples are not able to get enough sleep due to the habits of their partner. These habits include loud snoring, waking up with lights on and using mobile phones till late night. In such situations, couples prefer to sleep separately.

Benefits of Sleep Divorce

Experts say that taking sleep divorce not only helps couples get proper sleep, but it also helps in improving their relationships.

By taking sleep divorce, the partner gets his personal space. Due to this, couples come closer to each other and physical relations between them are good.

By sleeping separately, your partner’s bad habits do not bother you, which helps in improving relationships.

For a healthy relationship, it is not necessary to sleep in the same bed. Relationships and intimacy can be made healthy even without sleeping with each other.

By taking sleep divorces 1 to 2 times a month, couples are able to remain more emotionally content.

How to talk to your partner about sleep divorce?

In a country like India, partners not sharing the bed is considered a distance in relationships. However, if as a couple you understand the needs of both, then there is no question of distance coming in the relationship. Couples can talk about how your health is deteriorating due to not getting enough sleep.

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